SINTEF meets the EUs delegation to Norway

The meeting took place at the SINTEF Energy Lab at Blaklia on Wednesday 28th September. Among the topics was how to leverage national research priorities through pan European cooperation.
– We could have been discussing for hours, this is interesting, said the EU’s Ambassador to Norway, Helen Campbell.

The meeting started with the big picture

President Inge Gran at SINEF Energy Research gave a presentation of SINTEFs many research activities within the energy field, a presentation, which among many is known as the “energy kingdom”.

Inge Gran presenting
Inge Gran presenting the illustration called “energy kingdom”. Photo: SINTEF/Karoline Aursland

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ETIP wind – New Strategi Agenda 2016

New Strategic research and innovation agenda now published by ETIP wind with a shared vision for Europe’s R&I

Research and innovation will play a fundamental role in achieving these objectives, and we need a strategic vision to shape future R&I priorities. A shared vision for Europe’s R&I is now reflected in this Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

ETIP Wind Reports


PhD student wind “WindEurope energy research price”

Well done Lisa Ziegler! PhD student NTNU and NOWITECH associate.

Lisa Ziegler from Ramboll Energy’s wind department in Hamburg has won the ‘WindEurope energy research prize’, which is given to innovative work that presents data or results that can contribute to bringing the wind industry forward.


In connection with the EERA DeepWind 2015 conference, Lisa Ziegler, NTNU/Siemens Nederland N.V.  won the best poster award for Scientific Content for her work entitled “Sensitivity of Wave Fatigue Loads on Offshore Wind under varying Site Conditions”.





A picture blog from the opening of CINELDI and the Smart Grid Laboratory

Wednesday 21. September our new research centre CINELDI and Smart Grid Laboratory opened. The opening coincided with the European Smart Grid Conference and the EERA JP Smartgrids General Assembly 2016. With over 100 European participants, the event kicked-off in the Electro building at Gløshaugen in Trondheim.

Have a look at the reactor playing Mozart.

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A major research effort into tomorrow’s digital power grids

A major research effort into tomorrow’s digital power grids

How will a future electricity grid manage the demands of induction cooking, charging electric cars and roof-installed solar panels? The answer is Smart Grids, which involves digitisation of the electricity grid.

The aim of a new research centre called CINELDI (Centre for Intelligent Electricity Distribution – to empower the future Smart Grid) is to develop systems as part of tomorrow’s adaptable, robust and intelligent energy system.

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One step closer to European CCS deployment: GATEWAY pilot case chosen

One step closer to European CCS deployment: GATEWAY pilot case chosen

The GATEWAY team have chosen the pilot case for a European CO2 infrastructure, and invites stakeholders to an alignment meeting in Brussels next week.

GATEWAY aims to develop a pilot case for cross-border transport infrastructure connecting major European CO2 sources and sinks. Much has happened since the GATEWAY kick-off in November 2015; numerous meetings and working hours have been used to evaluate our different pilot case alternatives in the light of surrounding trends and developments.

And – GATEWAY continues playing an important role in getting CCS off the ground in Europe.

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